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At Farm Fresh South we are proud to be bringing you the highest quality fresh milk.
We are the South's premium, specialist raw milk suppliers. 
Nothing added, nothing taken away - just milk - from our family to yours.

From the FARM or DELIVERED to your HOME

Head out to Woodlands (get directions) to purchase your milk from our purpose built vending machine or sign up for home deliveries here. 

Delivering to Invercargill including Otatara, Makarewa, Wallacetown Tuesday/Friday. Delivering to Dunedin, Mosgiel, New Brighton, Waihola, Milton, Balclutha, Clinton, Gore, Mataura, Edendale Monday/Thursday.



(Aprox. based on milk bottle and milk sales)

Did you know plastic milk bottles can take around 500 years to decompose? Glass reuseable bottles are the most friendly local option for the planet. They can be used thousands of times before being fully recycled and made into new glass products. By purchasing milk from Farm Fresh South you are making an environmentally concious decision that will have a positivie effect on our planet for generations to come.

Logan and Melissa Johnson

Meet the People Behind the Milk

We moved to Southland from Motueka with our 3 kids in June 2009 to have a go at dairy farming. After 3 years in farm assistant and herd manager roles we took the next step into contract milking. We spent 5 years contract milking between 650 and 750 cows before deciding it was time to get our own piece of dirt and start a new adventure.

We have enjoyed being able to use fresh milk daily as dairy farmers and want to give everyone the opportunity to do the same. We recognise that there is a growing demand from consumers to know exactly where their food comes from, what's in it (or been taken out), who makes it, and that it was made in a natural and sustainable manner. The simple fact is, the milk you buy in the supermarket has been altered significantly after it leaves the farm. We are committed to bringing you the highest quality Farm Fresh experience. We look forward to meeting you all! Please go to the contact us page if you have any queries.